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15 Holmes St. Mystic, CT (860) 536-7233

Every now and then your body needs a break. A chance to renew, rejuvenate and recharge. Karma Cleanse Juices, Teas and Elixirs will nourish, hydrate and detoxify leaving you lighter, brighter and energized. After all, what comes around goes around. It’s that simple… It’s Karma.


We are more than a juicery. We are a company grounded on balance. Life lived in the extreme does not work, at least not for most people and certainly not for the long haul. We know, we’ve been there. So we wanted to create a company that would provide people with an easy, nonthreatening way to give their bodies a break and get back on track. Maybe nudge them outside their comfort zone and help them tune into what really matters… true health and wellbeing!

At Karma Kitchen we don’t take a militant approach to anything. We don’t believe in starving our bodies. We don’t believe in choking down anything in the quest for health. And we certainly don’t think life should be about deprivation, shame or worry. We wanted to promote a lifestyle that real people, like you, like us, can lean into. A lifestyle that promotes balance. We hope you enjoy our products and the way they make you feel. Life is a journey, we never get it “done” we just keep getting better.

Smoothies, Juices & Light Fare


Our artisan crafted juices, teas and elixirs command a great deal of time and attention. We use only the freshest produce, sourcing it from local, sustainable farms and using organic whenever possible. Each drink has been mindfully designed to maximum benefits without going to extremes.

Our slow juicer releases vitamins, minerals and most importantly live enzymes into each juice. This cold press method can pack up to five times more vitamins and minerals than juices produced with alternative methods.


Our line of foods include vegetarian bowls & wraps, sandwiches, soups, superfood truffles, snacks and more.

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