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The shelf life of our juice is short (three days) for a very simple reason. You deserve the best! Juice you get in the grocery store can have a shelf life of 14 months. That’s because the juice has been pasteurized…it’s “cooked”. This process upsets nutritional integrity and destroys the live enzymes that are so essential to the body.

Many juice companies both local and nationwide are also using a process called High Pressure Processing (HPP) that does not involve cooking the juice rather applies high pressure. While proponents of this method argue the nutritional/enzymatic composition of the juice is unaltered, we disagree. Enzymes are what break down and “spoil” if not fresh. It therefore makes sense that a bottle of juice with an extended shelf simply does not retain those essential enzymes. Besides, we’re purists.. we think processing juice to extend it’s shelflife defeats the purpose of juicing.

Does that provide us with limitations? Yep! But we wouldn’t have it any other way. You deserve the best and that’s just what you get!

Why Cleanse?

The Dirt
One meal can take up to eighteen hours to digest. That means our bodies are constantly working just to digest the food we eat. Add to the mix the fact that so much of our food today is processed, factory farmed, and genetically modified, it is no wonder we become fatigued, gain weight, and feel sluggish.

What can we do about this? We can give our bodies a break. A short three or five day cleanse will allow your body to shift its energy from digesting food and processing toxins to rebuilding cells, strengthening your immune system, and flushing away accumulated waste. A clean, hydrated body functions more efficiently. It becomes vibrant and energized. Don’t be surprised if people comment on your “glow”. They’ll see it, but more importantly. . .you’ll feel it.

The Skinny
Ironically, fat is our friend when it comes to protecting our vital organs. Fat cells act as bodyguards, absorbing toxins found in our food and environment. When we cleanse, we effectively remove toxins. Fat cells are no longer needed for protection, so many people see a reduction in excess fat and cellulite. In order to keep those fat cells at bay, you must stay adequately hydrated after you cleanse. Consuming our mixed greens on a regular basis is perfect hydration for balancing pH levels, flushing toxins and keeping your skinny jeans in regular rotation.