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About Me & my journey to health…

In the local scene of New London County, a small coastal town in southeastern Connecticut, some may know me as a former pro tennis player and current real estate investor/agent/rental owner. These are all nice things, very nice, but if you want a little dose of inspiration from a girl next door who triumphed over breast cancer in a non-conventional way, please read on… And no, I’m not as Crazy Sexy as Kris Carr, but she certainly is one of my inspirations.

My journey to health started in 2010, my worst year ever but also my biggest blessing. I was 35 lbs. overweight, an unbalanced, meat-gorging, professional workaholic. In February 2010, a bone marrow biopsy (ouch!!) confirmed that I had a rare blood disorder called Essential Thrombocytosis, which made me a potential candidate for a stroke or clotting episode. The normal human has about 250,000 platelets, I had 1.6 million – yikes! I was put on a toxic chemo drug called Hydroxyurea to thin my blood and keep the platelets down (I canned the drug a year and a half ago). In May 2010, my gallbladder erupted and I had to get that removed. I was seriously about to lose it. In September 2010, the final straw, I felt a lump in my left breast that was abnormally bumpy and odd-shaped. A biopsy confirmed it was cancerous alright, stage 1. The lump was removed in same-day surgery along with 3 lymph nodes on Nov. 8, 2010. Three invasive procedures in one year was enough for me, and I asked God to help me do the right thing…

A few days after surgery, it was suggested by my oncologist to undergo chemo and radiation for my post-op cancer therapy, but I resisted – hesitantly… This doctor was an expert, right, so why wasn’t I trusting him? I said NO because deep down it didn’t feel right. I felt it was like trying to kill a fly with a bazooka: You kill the fly plus blow away the perfectly good wall it was resting on. That good wall is the equivalent of the healthy cells in my body, which I felt could heal itself. I decided I was in control of my healing, not drugs, nor the well-intentioned, but brainwashed doctors prescribing them. I trusted my intuition. I did my own research and sought alternative therapies to make sure the cancer never came back. Come to think of it, there are so many natural therapies for reversing cancer I don’t even know where to begin. I won’t get in to the politics of cancer now. That’s the subject of another blog post.

To start, changing how I ate was an absolute must. Green juicing was my savior, and my refurbished Breville juicer became my best friend. I didn’t juice every day, nor did I like the taste of any of the juice recipes I made at the time, but when I did juice, I felt like I was infusing life into me – real living enzymes and nutrients that were shooting straight into my bloodstream and healing me from the inside out. Yeah, think of it like the other illegal activities that needles are used for. You get it, it was like that… No one else I knew at the time was on the same path to healing that I was on; I had to seek them out.

The Schachter Center in Suffern, NY, was the treatment center I finally chose for my healing protocol, which consisted of a high dose of intravenous Vitamin C at each session along with a myriad of cancer-hating supplements. Dr. Schachter was routinely mentioned in my research, and his center was also listed in the resource section of Suzanne Somer’s book, Knockout, a fantastic chronicle of interviews with famous integrative doctors around the country who are beating cancer. Suffern was only a 2 hour drive, and the center had a friendly bunch of health care practitioners who thought outside of the box – my type of people. I went there for 2 years, twice a week in the beginning. It was a long haul, frightening at times, but it was an empowering experience. I had my family’s support – I was going to get through it. My brother, Alex, was super suppportive. This is him in the chair next to me taking a snoozer after one of many long drives to the Schachter Center (Hey he was there, which is awesome – thanks, bro.)


Every patient at the Schachter Center had some serious illness, mostly cancer, but the one common thread was their positive outlook on life. Since then, there have been many stories of healing that I’ve witnessed firsthand. One of my good friends, Larry, who sat next to me a lot of times in the IV room, had stage 4 lung and liver cancer when I met him 2 years ago. He is doing well today. Here is another heartwarming story of victory against breast cancer from another guest of the Schachter Center’s. There are many ways to cure the same ailment, and there are many kinds of doctors who believe in different healing modalities. You have to do your own research, be your own advocate, and seek out the treatment that best resonates with who you are and what you believe in – period.

I am a different person than I was three years ago. Lots of events and experiences over the past year have prompted me to start writing from the heart. I’ve heard one too many stories of cancer patients going the conventional route of chemo and radiation without hearing about the integrative and alternative methods and then deciding what works for them. It’s an unequal playing field built on a sea of FEAR. There’s so much I want to share. My experiences of 2010 only scratch the surface. Speaking of the sleeping dude above, he and his gorgeous girlfriend, Vothy, blessed me with my 1 year old newphew, Benji. When I see him, I race to the Nutribullet to make him an organic spinach banana smoothie. He even eats raw kale. His mom and I are trying to get him hooked on veggies at an early age, and so far I think it’s working.

Seeing that a lot of my inspiration to go healthy came from online research, I figure the best way to continue the trend is to try to locally influence as much as I can. Consequently, I’ve decided to become famous online, do crazy things on YouTube, grow an organic garden, be known in the community as the notorious “kale” girl who tries to be a raw vegan, and see how it goes. So I start with my little blog. I will be doing video blogs, interviewing local everyday people like sustainable food activists or those who have healed their symptoms with veggies. I’ll talk about local food and restaurant vendors I love, some time-saving healthy recipes, even some eating lifestyle debates, so stay tuned. Signing off until next time. Thanks for reading.

Lots of love,
bLizFullyRaw (this is what I’d love to call my juice co. one day)

“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates

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